#ALI2017 – Agile-Lean Ireland Conference

On the last 6th May, Dublin was the stage for the first Agile-Lean conference made by its community and for the European community. Agile-Lean Ireland Conference (#ALI2017) was born as a result of the volunteers effort from our local Agile meetups and user groups, dedicated to spreading learning in Agile.

C_Nr8xwXsAEjq6l.jpg large

There were three different tracks with 16 speakers in total where we had the pleasure to hear people like Jon Terry, from LeanKit and Woody Zuill, one of the precursor of #NoEstimates as well as many others.

I am proud that I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers. It was a invaluable experience to present my perspective around Scrum Events in a such good event.

You can watch my lightning talk below:

Slides here.

I believe that the most efficient strategy for those who want to lean is to share ideas and knowledge with other people. And this can be done through presentations, debates, articles, blogs, workshops and forums, for instance. Sharing your knowledge with someone else force you to study, to be confident and have arguments, to prepare it upfront and to master the content. In other words, you end up learning deeply and  consistently!

By doing those things aforesaid, you will also learn how to organize better your ideas, to write and present for different audiences, to be clear and straightforward on the message you want to share, to public speaking effectively, you may find out different perspectives from a subject and so on.

I finish this post with a quote which I really believe on:

“Knowledge is the only thing that grows when you share it”.

Why don’t you start sharing your knowledge today?

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