The Scrum Master Interview: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [Part 1]

The 12th State of Agile survey held by VersionOne stated that organizations are realizing the benefits they set out to achieve by adopting agile. Also in this survey, they found that Scrum is the most adopted framework among the agile methods and practices. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn ranked the Scrum Master job among the top 10 … Continue reading The Scrum Master Interview: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [Part 1]

ALI2018 – Agile Lean Ireland Conference 2018

On the last 26th April, the Agile Lean Ireland conference took place at Croke Park, an iconic place in Dublin. This venue hosted a big achievement for the Dublin community. Coming from 100+ delegates in 2017, the gathering got booked out at 500+ delegates in 2018. There were delegates coming from 4 different continents, high … Continue reading ALI2018 – Agile Lean Ireland Conference 2018

Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

This week I had great talks to Vasco Duarte on the Scrum Master Toolbox podcast. We talked about our challenges being Scrum Master, tips and hints for retrospectives, teams' dysfunctions and much more. You can check it out at This is also available at Spotify and Podcast app (Apple devices). I hope you enjoy … Continue reading Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

Agile Tour Lithuania – Beyond Scrum Events

Last year I had the pleasure to speak at the Agile Tour Lithuania in Kaunas and Vilnius. It was inspiring see how the Agile community is engaged there. Both events were very well organised and the whole treatment with us speakers was outstanding. My talk was about Scrum. Even though Scrum is still the most … Continue reading Agile Tour Lithuania – Beyond Scrum Events

Activity for Improving Communication Effectiveness

As widely discussed and proven, working with distributed teams will increase considerably the complexity of software development. Within this context, we have to foster ways to make our communication as much effective as possible as if we are at the same place (face-to-face). Some time ago I realised that one of my teams was facing … Continue reading Activity for Improving Communication Effectiveness

Low Tech Boards. Markers, Post-its, White Boards … Why?

Yes, I'm a big fan of low tech boards and I am not able to precise how many times I am asked WHY I want to use physical board and post-its during our Release Planning or Sprint Events rather than off-the-shelf solutions like Excel, Jira, Mantis, Trello etc because, after all, we're tech guys and … Continue reading Low Tech Boards. Markers, Post-its, White Boards … Why?

#ALI2017 – Agile-Lean Ireland Conference

On the last 6th May, Dublin was the stage for the first Agile-Lean conference made by its community and for the European community. Agile-Lean Ireland Conference (#ALI2017) was born as a result of the volunteers effort from our local Agile meetups and user groups, dedicated to spreading learning in Agile. There were three different tracks … Continue reading #ALI2017 – Agile-Lean Ireland Conference

Applying Agile Practices on Presentations

On my last holidays in Brazil, I was invited by a former teacher to visit the school I studied during my teenage and give a presentation to high school students about career, college and, personal and professional development. However, I wasn’t sure that I’d bring the highest value to them if I covered things that … Continue reading Applying Agile Practices on Presentations

Beyond Scrum Events

Even though Scrum is still the most adopted agile framework, around 58% according VersionOne 2016 research, its rules, roles, events and artefacts are frequently misunderstood. People commonly apply this framework without understanding the real purpose that stands behind it, loosing its main benefits. Below I bring some of my thoughts to get good value out … Continue reading Beyond Scrum Events