#ALI2017 – Agile-Lean Ireland Conference

On the last 6th May, Dublin was the stage for the first Agile-Lean conference made by its community and for the European community. Agile-Lean Ireland Conference (#ALI2017) was born as a result of the volunteers effort from our local Agile meetups and user groups, dedicated to spreading learning in Agile. There were three different tracks … Continue reading #ALI2017 – Agile-Lean Ireland Conference

Applying Agile Practices on Presentations

On my last holidays in Brazil, I was invited by a former teacher to visit the school I studied during my teenage and give a presentation to high school students about career, college and, personal and professional development. However, I wasn’t sure that I’d bring the highest value to them if I covered things that … Continue reading Applying Agile Practices on Presentations

Beyond Scrum Events

Even though Scrum is still the most adopted agile framework, around 58% according VersionOne 2016 research, its rules, roles, events and artefacts are frequently misunderstood. People commonly apply this framework without understanding the real purpose that stands behind it, loosing its main benefits. Below I bring some of my thoughts to get good value out … Continue reading Beyond Scrum Events

Crie sua sorte, esteja preparado!

Este é um artigo que escrevi em 2012, mas creio ainda seja bem atual.   Geralmente o comentário mais comum que se ouve sobre um profissional bem sucedido em sua carreira empresarial é que ele teve sorte. Pois bem, eu não acredito que sorte é a definição correta, e sim um mix de muito estudo, persistência, proatividade, … Continue reading Crie sua sorte, esteja preparado!

Agile Certifications

Agile certifications, are they worthwhile? I believe there will be different opinions regarding this question but in mine, yes, they can be very useful to acquire knowledge and to leverage your career. People usually work better when they have a clear goal and certifications can act as these goals. They can help out to guide … Continue reading Agile Certifications