Activity for Improving Communication Effectiveness

As widely discussed and proven, working with distributed teams will increase considerably the complexity of software development. Within this context, we have to foster ways to make our communication as much effective as possible as if we are at the same place (face-to-face). Some time ago I realised that one of my teams was facing … Continue reading Activity for Improving Communication Effectiveness

Low Tech Boards. Markers, Post-its, White Boards … Why?

Yes, I'm a big fan of low tech boards and I am not able to precise how many times I am asked WHY I want to use physical board and post-its during our Release Planning or Sprint Events rather than off-the-shelf solutions like Excel, Jira, Mantis, Trello etc because, after all, we're tech guys and … Continue reading Low Tech Boards. Markers, Post-its, White Boards … Why?